Taste No Evil


Pure chiles. Pure fire. Pure goodness.


  • Earthy twang with a mellow temper.
  • 1,000–2,000 Scoville Units (Mild)
  • Learn more about Poblano.

$ 9



  • Smoky sweet with a pleasant sting.
  • 100–3,500 Scoville Units (Not Too Hot)
  • Learn more about Cherry Bomb.

$ 11



  • Exotic nose with a fiery smack.
  • 15,000–35,000 Scoville Units (Hot)
  • Learn more about Manzana.

$ 12



  • Flirtatious lure with a vicious bite.
  • 100,000–300,000 Scoville Units (Yikes!)
  • Learn more about Habanero.

$ 13


The Good Word

Tell us what you think. See all good words.

  • "We have 6 walls of hot sauces with over 2,500 choices. Your product is in the top 10 for sales, good flavor, and great heat."
    Randy - Nebraska

  • "We found you at DIY and my husband is addicted. Thanks!"
    Colleen - Michigan

  • "I got the sampler pack the other day and decided to try this sauce on a piece of pizza last night. Wow it's amazing...can taste all the flavors and is a damn good hot sauce."
    Craig - Missouri

  • "I bought your hot sauce in Grand Rapids and I like it alot. Can I get it somewhere in Germany/France/Europe?"
    Raphael - Germany

  • "Living here in Tucson, AZ, I thought I would never get used to hot sauce...everything here is too smoky with chipotle, or too hot that you can't enjoy it...until I found Hell Fire Cherry Bomb! Maybe I'm bias because I'm a Detroit native, but seriously this is the most balanced tasty hot sauce I have ever consumed...which now, I love to share with my friends here because they can keep their hot crappy chipotle sauces."
    Joanna - Arizona

  • "Hi ... your sauce is amazing. Our daughter is getting married and we would like to purchase 150 bottles of 4 oz Hell Fire Sauce."
    Lisa - Michigan

  • "I play paintball at Lone Wolf and they had your sauces on the show one day, and since then I've been buying the sauces from Meijer. I've had many friends go out and buy your sauces after they tried it at my house."
    Jason - Michigan

  • "The range of hot sauces are some of the best I've ever tasted. Had the mild Poblano version on Susan's Poblano Scramble this AM. YUMMY! A must try."
    Marc - Michigan

  • "Just got my re-up of HELL FIRE in the mail. Doubled down on it to some awesome dads."
    Dave - Minnesota

  • "I wanted to thank you for helping me with a very original gift for my friends who are lovers of hot."
    John - Pennsylvania

  • "Tried all your sauces at the Winter Market in Birmingham MI this weekend. Went home with a box. Amazing flavor. Thanks for making these!"
    Sarah - Michigan

  • "I got the habanero and it's good on everything. Tastes like it's made with love. Looking forward to an even hotter sauce in the future. Best of luck!"
    Jacob - Michigan

  • "Sadly, my Manzana did not make it the week; I wish I'd bought the Hot Box like my brother did. I ate it on everything: even put water in the dregs and poured *that* on my burrito. I believe your sauce is the best I have ever tasted. Thank you for your craft and approach."
    Dawn - Michigan

  • "Kevin let me have a taste of the hot sauce and it was delicious!”"
    Gina - Michigan

  • "My husband loves your stuff. Eats it every night!!!"
    Marie - Michigan

  • "I bought the trio of these sauces from Leon and Lulu for the boyfriend for Xmas and he likes them a lot!"
    Sara - Michigan

  • "I bought my mom the Habanero and she LOVED it. ☺ "
    Erin - Michigan

  • "Great sauces, man. Just enjoyed some of the Cherry Bomb on scrambled eggs a moment ago."
    Peter - Arizona

  • "Adding a little bit to a meal really brings out different elements to each dish."
    Sean - Michigan

  • "I put some of the Poblano hot sauce on my enchiladas the other day and it was great!"
    Eddie - Arizona

  • "Received your Cherry Bomb sauce in my latest @mittencrate and I have almost eaten the entire bottle! It's fantastic! Bravo!"

  • "Tried the Poblano and Manzana. Awesome!"
    Bill - Florida

  • "Holy Hell Fire! Ok, I have fallen in love with this sauce. My only issue is the habanero sauce is always sold out. Love seeing good stuff come out of Detroit like this! Well done."
    Tylar - Michigan

  • "You have the best fucking hot sauce! So many nuances. I’ve become a hot sauce snob."
    Karl - Michigan

  • "Brought your HFD sauces to a super bowl party and was met with rave reviews."
    Dave - Michigan

  • "Used Hell Fire to spice up my guacamole for Super Bowl. Awesome!!"
    Joe - Michigan

  • "Put the Cherry Bomb on my kids eggs. They LOVED it! Right on!"
    Lee - Michigan

  • “Craig tried the hot sauce and he was choking and wiping his eyes and nose. Success in 2016 buddy!"
    Alan - Michigan

  • "We are still using the crap out of your sauces, so that is a good sign. Enjoy your holidays and keep slingin' sauce!"
    Kristy - New York

  • "Just had an awesome ham & cheese sandwich and tried every one of yer hot sauces. Fucking all great! Really loved the habanero and cherry bomb. However they are all great!!!"
    Mikee - Michigan

  • "Yes! It's fantastic! Let's talk Monday or Tuesday about what month works best for a collaboration."
    Andrew - Michigan

  • "The sauce is really good. My wife and I have almost finished the bottle already."
    Marty - Michigan

  • “This Hell Fire Detroit hot sauce is hella good!!!! I bought the Cherry Bomb for myself and have enjoyed it with eggs and also with hummus. It is so much more flavorful than my former favorite hot sauce."
    Kelly - Ohio

  • "It was lovely, fun, tasty, creative, handy, diet friendly, and delectable! Amen to a great meal."
    Terry - Hawaii

  • "We really like this sauce and hope to get it on our shelves."
    Tyler - New York

  • "It is PURE GENIUS – I LOVE THE NAME and the TASTE NO EVIL! The sky is the limit and I think it’s gonna be HUGE!!!"
    Joan - Ontario

  • “The best hot sauce in the Motor City, currently being enjoyed in New Orleans! There's a lot of great hot sauce down here, but can't beat this stuff!!!"
    Theresa - Louisiana

  • "Thanks for all the goodness! I put these sauces on all kinds of foods ranging from eggs to potatoes to fish to pizza to pasta to chicken to waffles and beyond!!!!!"
    Al - Michigan

  • "Can't wait to put this on my turkey!"
    Mike - Michigan

  • "When Hell Fire Miami's ready, you got yourself a sales man!!!"
    Alex - Florida

  • "I've had all 4. Excellent! The Manzana is my #1. Going to need to re-up soon."
    Dave - Minnesota

  • "This stuff is amazing."
    Charles - Louisiana


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