• Poblano

    Featured product


    Earthy twang with a mellow temper.
    1,000–2,000 Scoville Units (Mild)

    Learn more about Poblano

  • Cherry Bomb

    Featured product

    Cherry Bomb

    Smoky sweet with a pleasant sting.
    100–3,500 Scoville Units (Medium)

    Learn more about Cherry Bomb

  • Manzana

    Featured product


    Exotic nose with a fiery smack.
    15,000–35,000 Scoville Units (Hot)

    Learn more about Manzana

  • Habanero

    Featured product


    Flirtatious lure with a vicious bite.
    100,000–300,000 Scoville Units (Yikes!)

    Learn more about Habanero

  • Fresno
    Fresno  - Hell Fire Detroit

    Featured product


    Tangy lips with a mosey glow.
    2,500-8,000 Scoville Units (Medium plus)

    Learn more about Fresno

  • Cabernet Habanero Reaper
    Cabernet Habanero Reaper - Hell Fire Detroit

    Featured product

    Cabernet Habanero Reaper

    Love at first bite with a stalker heat.
    The first release in our new boozy series.
    200,000 to 400,000 Scoville Units (Hello)

    Learn more about Cabernet Habanero Reaper

  • Beer Habanero Scorpion

    Featured product

    Beer Habanero Scorpion

    Luscious kiss with a killer revenge. 
    The second release in our new boozy series. 
    200,000 to 400,000 Scoville Units (Ouch)

    Learn more about Beer Habanero Scorpion

  • Bourbon Habanero Ghost

    Featured product

    Bourbon Habanero Ghost

    Woody pucker with a toasty soul.

    The third release in our new boozy series.

    200,000 to 400,000 Scoville Units (Boo)

    Learn more about Bourbon Habanero Ghost

  • Anaheim

    Featured product


    Sunny fresh with an easy demeanor.

    500-2,500 Scoville Units (Mild)

    Learn more about Anaheim

  • Jalapeno

    Featured product


    Keep on using me until you use me up.

    2,500-8,000 Scoville Units (Medium plus)

    Learn more about Jalapeno

  • Black Tee

    Featured product

    Black Tee

    Ultra-versatile, this tee pairs well with casual and formal events. Learn more about Black Tee

  • Green Tee

    Featured product

    Green Tee

    Ultra-comfy, this tee will help you to whoop some ass today! Learn more about Green Tee

  • Charcoal Hoodie

    Featured product

    Charcoal Hoodie

    Warning! Hoodies increase your odds of getting shot. Be careful out there. Learn more about Charcoal Hoodie

  • Black Beanie

    Featured product

    Black Beanie

    A winter classic. Learn more about Black Beanie

  • Black & Tan Beanie

    Featured product

    Black & Tan Beanie

    Hooray for snow days! Learn more about Black & Tan Beanie

  • Dad Hat

    Featured product

    Dad Hat

    Here comes the sun. Learn more about Dad Hat

  • Duck Hat

    Featured product

    Duck Hat

    50% chance of rain. Learn more about Duck Hat

  • Grey Beanie

    Featured product

    Grey Beanie

    Grey cloud state. Learn more about Grey Beanie

  • Trucker Hat

    Featured product

    Trucker Hat

  • Charcoal Beanie

    Featured product

    Charcoal Beanie

  • Rouge Tee

    Featured product

    Rouge Tee

  • White Beanie

    Featured product

    White Beanie

    Snowball fight camo. Learn more about White Beanie


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There is no purpose to this email but I just finished another bottle and had to give credit to this amazing sauce. Best hot sauce I have ever had.


Yo, this sauce of yours is nooooo joke. I had an out of body experience tonight sweating your sauce out. It was truly a beautiful burn. I am in awe.

Justin - Texas

You have a new fan. My wife is going crazy about your outstanding Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce. Thanks from one new and delightfully happy customer.


I use your products daily. Everything about the products and business resemble me and my ethics. Without it, I would be lost! Keep doing what you are doing, love it!

Casey - Florida

It is the Shinola of hot sauces!

Kira - DC

I recently got into hot sauce and after spending almost $300 on sauces that were recommended to me, your habanero sauce is absolutely my favorite. It's my go-to and one of my favorite treats. Thank you for what you do and what you've created.


The best damned hot sauce ever. When do we get new flavors? Fresno is my favorite, but they all rock!

Joseph - Michigan

So I’ve tried all 4 types and this stuff is outstanding. So much better than traditional liquid sauces. Thanks again.

Brandon - Florida

I wanted to thank you for helping me with a very original gift for my friends who are lovers of hot.

John - Pennsylvania

You have the best fucking hot sauce! So many nuances. I’ve become a hot sauce snob.

Karl - Michigan

At my friend’s last night and Hot Ones comes on. I love this show, she says. HFD was on this episode. That’s my favorite hot sauce! she says. She actually has 2 bottles in her fridge now. Her comments were all unprompted by me. HFD grass roots growth.

Jim - Michigan

This Habanero hot sauce is hotter then a buzzard's ass in a power dive.

Kevin - Ontario


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