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“OMG! I’m out of gift sets again! I’m starting to hide this stuff from customers to keep some in the store. You created something magical!”

Toni - Proprietor 

“We have 6 walls of hot sauces with over 2,500 choices. Your product is in the top 10 for sales, good flavor, and great heat.”

Randy - Proprietor

“We had a customer Saturday tell us about your sauces and he couldn't brag about them enough. I had to reach out to you and find out if you could tell me details about selling your sauces here.”

Tom - Proprietor

“The hot sauce packaging is spot on! We have sold half of what I ordered within 2 hours today.”

Tom - Proprietor

“Any chance of getting more inventory? Almost out of it all already!!”

Erin - Buyer/Manager

“My managers thought I was crazy to bring this sauce in because of the price. I told them trust me. We can't keep it on the shelf.”

David - Buyer