Great review by Pepper Geek!

May 07, 2020

Big thanks to the Pepper Geeks for their review! They nailed it. Check it out. : ) "It's an homage to the pepper." "Very balanced. Very versatile." "It reminds me of a fire on the beach."

Pronko Enterprises

November 21, 2015

I met Al Pronko a while back when he owned a tasty restaurant in Hamtramck called Maria’s Comida. Every meal was amazing. But his salsa was the buzz. So he and his daughter, Marie, started producing jars of Maria’s House Made Salsa to sell at the restaurant. As its popularity grew, they transformed the restaurant into a food manufacturing facility and eventually expanded their business to offer co-packing services for other micro-batch food entrepreneurs. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous to present my concoctions to Chef Al (and Sean, a professional foodie. More on Sean in another post.) It’s one thing...


November 09, 2015

HELL FIRE DETROIT is officially here! Hooray! Yeah!!! (Website only for now but in stores soon.) I know I’m a tad bit biased, but this hot sauce is delectable. Everyone who has tasted it agrees. Except for one guy. But he’s no longer with us. Teehee. : ) Unlike most hot sauces (which are mostly tinted-vinegar), this hot sauce respects the purity of each pepper. When you taste Poblano, you will know Poblano. When you taste Cherry Bomb, you will discover something completely different. Same goes with Manzana and Habanero. I can’t give away the secret formula, but we only add...

Aloha Don!

November 05, 2015

Michael and I were so pleased to have been gifted your array of hot sauces to try for our very own. We also appreciated receiving your labels today in the mail, because having tried to reach your website, which hadn’t been launched, and just short of calling you, we were holding back on “cherry bomb,” thinking it was the closest thing to ghost peppers (you know, bomb and all.) Well, to our amazement, today your labels taught us not to fear.