After watching Hot Ones for a few years, I finally broke down and decided to try some. I just opened Bourbon Habanero Ghost. Really nice! I feel like I've been missing out all this time, so delicious. I look forward to trying your whole line.


I recently tried your Manzana hot sauce for the first time after seeing you at the Detroit Public Market and I’m obsessed! I love that your products don’t have any garlic or onion in them (and so does my wife) but are still deliciously spicy and hot!

Lukas - Michigan

That Cabernet Habanero Reaper sauce is our favorite, all-around, put it on everything, sauce. Keep up the great work.

Michael - Massachusetts

I try most hot sauces when I have the chance and you have this down! 17 year restauranteur, President Colorado Restaurant Association (Summit County), I think I’ve got a solid palate. Great job, balanced very well, I believe with that taste your product carries the value to the price.

Chris - Colorado

I had the team taste the sauces and everyone said they were amazing, so we presented them to our VP of Sales…he has a culinary degree from the Culinary Institute of America and approves final products or provides feedback. He tasted them and said balance and flavor profiles are beautiful. He wouldn't change a thing.

Todd - Michigan

"Yo, this sauce of yours is nooooo joke. I had an out of body experience tonight sweating your sauce out. It was truly a beautiful experience. I am in awe."

Justin - Texas

"So I’ve tried all 4 types and this stuff is outstanding. So much better than traditional liquid sauces. Thanks again."

Brandon - Florida

"At my friend’s last night and Hot Ones comes on. I love this show, she says. HFD was on this episode. That’s my favorite hot sauce! she says. She actually has 2 bottles in her fridge now. Her comments were all unprompted by me. HFD grass roots growth."

Jim - Michigan

"We purchased your Poblano and Manzana sauces at Hansen's Grocery in Hart, Michigan. We LOVE them. I noticed on the description page for Cabernet Reaper sauce that Bourbon Habanero Ghost and Beer Habanero Scorpion is coming soon. Can you give a timeline on availability? My wife and I eat ketogenically so the fact your hot sauce is sugar free will keep us coming back. Hopefully the new sauces will be available soon."

Chuck - Michigan

"I just wanted to say thank you for making awesome sauces. As a SE Michigan native I was thrilled to find that I could buy your stuff at Busches and the Habanero Sauce is one of the most fantastically flavorful hot sauces I've had in a long time. Keep up the good work!"

Spencer - Michigan

"I received a 4-pack of your hot sauces earlier in the year - my daughter from Detroit picked it up at a street fair in the area. I love hot sauces, but I’m not in search of the ultimate burn - more about the flavors and spicing. It took me a couple of months to get around to opening your bottles. I was, to put it mildly, BLOWN AWAY! I was completely amazed at the varied flavors, all of which showcase the flavor of the underlying pepper, while maintaining a reasonably consistent heat profile across the selections. How do you do that with peppers as varied as cherry and habanero? I’ll be re-ordering them soon, but wanted you to know how impressed I am with your heat and flavor sensibilities. Thanks for making these!"

Richard - NC

“I wrote to acknowledge this company and its product(s)!! I use your products daily. Everything about the products and business resemble me and my ethics. Especially the lifestyle of a Keys resident. Without it, I would be lost! Keep doing what you are doing, love it!”

Casey - Florida

“I’m from NJ and was visiting DETROIT for a concert and I tried your hot sauce at the Eastern Market and loved it. We recently ran out and are restocking!”

Bryant - New Jersey

“We love your products and running low - need more!”

Rachel - Michigan

“After quite some days in customs, the sauces finally arrived! I love them! Thank you for your efforts.”

Christian - Germany

“Quarantined at the cabin. Giving the Fresno a shot with some Carne Asada. Perfect kick.”

Bryan - Michigan

“This Habanero hot sauce is hotter then a buzzard's ass in a power dive.”

Kevin - Ontario

"I love the sauces! Especially the Habanero one. I highly recommend opening a restaurant in Royal Oak or nearby. I would definitely come visit. The latest and greatest sauce samples are a must!!"

Andrew - Michigan

“I just wanted to let your company know that you are doing a awesome job. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you.”

Jason - California

"I recently got into hot sauce in a big way and I wanted to tell you that after spending almost $300 on sauces that were recommended to me on the internet that your habanero sauce is absolutely my favorite. It's my go-to and one of my favorite treats. Thank you for what you do and what you've created."


"Huge Fan! Any chance you have any stickers I could put on my board?"

Sherri - Minnesota

“Congrats on getting your sauce on Hot Ones! I love that show and it probably feels great to contribute to the world being able to see celebrities at their weakest moments haha."


“My girl surprised me with a bottle of your Habanero blend for my birthday. I found myself pouring it on a teaspoon every hour to eat it. I love it.”


“Big fan of the sauce. Is there a store that sells bigger bottles?”

Chris - Michigan

“I found you guys on the shelf when I visited Lansing last year! I want more! :)”

Jonathan - Alaska

“I picked up a bottle of your habanero sauce the day before yesterday, and after using it a couple times I'm already half way through the bottle. You guys really hit it out of the park with this stuff, it's delicious. At the moment it's probably my favorite hot sauce, and I need more.”

Kevin - Michigan

“Attached is my Thank You to you for your Support last year in the Season of Sharing Food Drive. This could not have been possible without your support and together we did make a difference.”

Doug - Michigan

“I have around 30 or so hot sauces in my home but yours is the one I consistently go back to. I have gone through countless bottles of Cherry Bomb and Habenero. There is no purpose to this email but I just finished another bottle and had to give credit to this amazing sauce. Best hot sauce I have ever had.”


“I bought my first bottle of Fresno at Easter Market and I love it. It was two weeks ago and the bottle is half empty already." :-)”

Roman - Michigan

“I just wanted to let your company know that you are doing a awesome job. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you.”

Jason - California

"I just picked up your hot sauce from Meijer. I grabbed the habanero sauce. I couldn't wait to try it, so when I got home I threw it on some mac and cheese. It is by far the best hot sauce I have tried in years. Good job on creating a quality sauce with great flavor."

Shane - Michigan

"You are an artist with hot sauce."

Bryan - Michigan

"Your product is so awesome!"

Anitha - Michigan

"My husband and I were at friend's house over the weekend and they had your hot sauce...It knocked me on my butt! lol"

Nikki - Michigan

"What's up!?! I'm enjoying your Habañero sauce with dinner and keep wondering when are you going to move out of the Yikes zone and into the Deadly zone? With the flavor you pack into the Habañero sauce, it makes me wonder what you guys can do with some Ghost Chiles or Reapers."

Nick - Michigan

"That Fresno! New fav! Almost killed it last night with some crab and lobster cakes."

Alex - Michigan

"I received some of your sauces for Christmas and OMG! I made white chicken chili and flavored it with the Manzana sauce. 😱 It was SO GOOD! I can’t imagine my chili with out it now! Great job guys!"

Kaitlin - Michigan

"My wife saw your Cherry Bomb at Westborn and bought 3 bottles. That shit is money!"

Chip - Michigan

"I eat the Habanero DAILY! I am currently on a mission to find a replica or close 2nd to this amazing sauce. Still no luck, but I have come close. I simply cannot afford $14 a week on this habit. I would love for you guys to sell larger bottles or give us a "Hot Box" that contained just Habanero. Show the love!"

Bobby - Michigan

"I think I've weaponized your sauce by putting it in the microwave to get the last bit of goodness out of the bottom. Can't breathe! :) So good!"

Chris - Michigan

"Liked by people of all ages! Hell Fire Cherry Bomb is a favorite with everyone in our home. But seriously, this kid was screaming to try it... and after her first taste, I had to pry the bottle from her hands. (No joke)"

Joanna - Arizona

"By the way...your sauce rocks! Customer for life!"

Bobby - Michigan

"Help!!! We use the Habanero in spaghetti sauce/deer camp in the UP......our local source doesn't have it anymore. I'm over by Grand Rapids. What are my options by this coming Tuesday night? It's a big hit with the Yooper group!"

C Lee - Michigan

"I put Cherry Bomb on everything. That shit is money."

Jason - Michigan

"I got a Christmas gift basket of various Made In Detroit foods, and this was a big hit with everyone. I only wish it came in bigger bottles!"

Lisa - Michigan

"You have a new fan. My wife is going crazy about your outstanding Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce. Thanks from one new and delightfully happy customer."


"I just wanted to let your company know that you are doing a awesome job. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you."

Jason - California

"Your hot sauces were just savory and amazing and it was so good to discover them at Summer Fancy Food."

David - New York

"I stopped by your booth at the Fancy Food show in NYC last month and I absolutely love Hell Fire Detroit!"

Bill - New York

"Just a quick note to say thanks for the great product! I bought a four pack of Hell Fire at the summit reception in D.C. last week, and even though logistics got a little complicated (I forgot I wasn't checking a bag, so I ended up mailing them home to Deadwood), it was totally worth it. My wife and I love 'em all. Keep up the good work!"

Dustin - South Dakota

"Funny how the world spins - while on LinkedIn, I saw your Hell Fire product. Ironic since I just commented on its unique packaging at a Super Bowl party. Had no idea this was you."

Karen - Michigan

"Thanks for the Hell Fire samples Doug brought with him to CA. I will share (some of) it with the guys at work. Everybody loves it, great stuff. Thanks again!!!"

Jeff - California

"A girl in the elevator saw my HFD beanie and said…I love that brand of hot sauce…I put it on everything!"

John - Michigan

"I was in a meeting and someone unsolicited said they love Hell Hire Detroit and that they were slightly obsessed."

Jeff - Michigan

"Best hot sauce that I ever had. The Cherry Bomb is fantastic, and the Habanero is a close second. The other two I haven’t tried as of yet, but they are on my shelf. Suggestion, open a store here in Chicagoland, you will do well. Thank god for Meijer."

James - Illinois

"I was wearing your Hell Fire Detroit hat in my studio and two people said...I love that stuff."

Jeff - Michigan

"I received a gift of the Hell Fire Detroit sauces from a good friend of mine and must say I love them. I made an egg enchilada with mushrooms and cotija cheese topped with Poblano and Cherry Bomb. Awesome! Keep up the great work and let’s make 2018 an even better year!"

Patrick - North Carolina

"You have the Ferrari of hot sauces."

Everett - Michigan

"The hot sauce packaging is spot on! We have sold half of what I ordered within 2 hours today."

Tom - Wisconsin

"I added some Cherry Bomb to my bland Chinese chicken dish the other night and it made all the difference."

Jean - Michigan

"We have 6 walls of hot sauces with over 2,500 choices. Your product is in the top 10 for sales, good flavor, and great heat."

Randy - Nebraska

"We found you at DIY and my husband is addicted. Thanks!"

Colleen - Michigan

"I got the sampler pack the other day and decided to try this sauce on a piece of pizza last night. Wow it's amazing...can taste all the flavors and is a damn good hot sauce."

Craig - Missouri

"We had a customer Saturday tell us about your sauces and he couldn't brag about them enough. I had to reach out to you and find out if you could tell me details about selling your sauces here."

Tom - Wisconsin

"I bought your hot sauce in Grand Rapids and I like it alot. Can I get it somewhere in Germany/France/Europe?"

Raphael - Germany

"Living here in Tucson, AZ, I thought I would never get used to hot sauce...everything here is too smoky with chipotle, or too hot that you can't enjoy it...until I found Hell Fire Cherry Bomb! Maybe I'm bias because I'm a Detroit native, but seriously this is the most balanced tasty hot sauce I have ever consumed...which now, I love to share with my friends here because they can keep their hot crappy chipotle sauces."

Joanna - Arizona

"Hi ... your sauce is amazing. Our daughter is getting married and we would like to purchase 150 bottles of 4 oz Hell Fire Sauce."

Lisa - Michigan

"I play paintball at Lone Wolf and they had your sauces on the show one day, and since then I've been buying the sauces from Meijer. I've had many friends go out and buy your sauces after they tried it at my house."

Jason - Michigan

"The range of hot sauces are some of the best I've ever tasted. Had the mild Poblano version on Susan's Poblano Scramble this AM. YUMMY! A must try."

Marc - Michigan

"Just got my re-up of HELL FIRE in the mail. Doubled down on it to some awesome dads."

Dave - Minnesota

"I wanted to thank you for helping me with a very original gift for my friends who are lovers of hot."

John - Pennsylvania

"Tried all your sauces at the Winter Market in Birmingham MI this weekend. Went home with a box. Amazing flavor. Thanks for making these!"

Sarah - Michigan

"I got the habanero and it's good on everything. Tastes like it's made with love. Looking forward to an even hotter sauce in the future. Best of luck!"

Jacob - Michigan

"Sadly, my Manzana did not make it the week; I wish I'd bought the Hot Box like my brother did. I ate it on everything: even put water in the dregs and poured *that* on my burrito. I believe your sauce is the best I have ever tasted. Thank you for your craft and approach."

Dawn - Michigan

"Kevin let me have a taste of the hot sauce and it was delicious!”"

Gina - Michigan

"My husband loves your stuff. Eats it every night!!!"

Marie - Michigan

"I bought the trio of these sauces from Leon and Lulu for the boyfriend for Xmas and he likes them a lot!"

Sara - Michigan

"I bought my mom the Habanero and she LOVED it. ☺ "

Erin - Michigan

"Great sauces, man. Just enjoyed some of the Cherry Bomb on scrambled eggs a moment ago."

Peter - Arizona

"Adding a little bit to a meal really brings out different elements to each dish."

Sean - Michigan

"I put some of the Poblano hot sauce on my enchiladas the other day and it was great!"

Eddie - Arizona

"Received your Cherry Bomb sauce in my latest @mittencrate and I have almost eaten the entire bottle! It's fantastic! Bravo!"


"Tried the Poblano and Manzana. Awesome!"

Bill - Florida

"Holy Hell Fire! Ok, I have fallen in love with this sauce. My only issue is the habanero sauce is always sold out. Love seeing good stuff come out of Detroit like this! Well done."

Tylar - Michigan

"You have the best fucking hot sauce! So many nuances. I’ve become a hot sauce snob."

Karl - Michigan

"Brought your HFD sauces to a super bowl party and was met with rave reviews."

Dave - Michigan

"Used Hell Fire to spice up my guacamole for Super Bowl. Awesome!!"

Joe - Michigan

"Put the Cherry Bomb on my kids eggs. They LOVED it! Right on!"

Lee - Michigan

“Craig tried the hot sauce and he was choking and wiping his eyes and nose. Success in 2016 buddy!"

Alan - Michigan

"We are still using the crap out of your sauces, so that is a good sign. Enjoy your holidays and keep slingin' sauce!"

Kristy - New York

"Just had an awesome ham & cheese sandwich and tried every one of yer hot sauces. Fucking all great! Really loved the habanero and cherry bomb. However they are all great!!!"

Mikee - Michigan

"Yes! It's fantastic! Let's talk Monday or Tuesday about what month works best for a collaboration."

Andrew - Michigan

"The sauce is really good. My wife and I have almost finished the bottle already."

Marty - Michigan

“This Hell Fire Detroit hot sauce is hella good!!!! I bought the Cherry Bomb for myself and have enjoyed it with eggs and also with hummus. It is so much more flavorful than my former favorite hot sauce."

Kelly - Ohio

"It was lovely, fun, tasty, creative, handy, diet friendly, and delectable! Amen to a great meal."

Terry - Hawaii

"We really like this sauce and hope to get it on our shelves."

Tyler - New York

"It is PURE GENIUS – I LOVE THE NAME and the TASTE NO EVIL! The sky is the limit and I think it’s gonna be HUGE!!!"

Joan - Ontario

“The best hot sauce in the Motor City, currently being enjoyed in New Orleans! There's a lot of great hot sauce down here, but can't beat this stuff!!!"

Theresa - Louisiana

"Thanks for all the goodness! I put these sauces on all kinds of foods ranging from eggs to potatoes to fish to pizza to pasta to chicken to waffles and beyond!!!!!"

Al - Michigan

"Can't wait to put this on my turkey!"

Mike - Michigan

"When Hell Fire Miami's ready, you got yourself a sales man!!!"

Alex - Florida

"I've had all 4. Excellent! The Manzana is my #1. Going to need to re-up soon."

Dave - Minnesota

"This stuff is amazing."

Charles - Louisiana