TASTE NO EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!


I met you and your sauce @ DIY. Sadly, my Manzana did not make it the week; I wish I'd bought the Hot Box like my brother did. I ate it on everything: even put water in the dregs and poured *that* on my burrito. [It was with a great lamentation that I emptied said bottle.]

I believe your sauce is the best I have ever tasted, and am hoping you'll consider special releases in larger bottles. I would pay $45 for, say, a 22 ounce or 750 ml bottle of special release hotness. And it would look very cool in a bottle that a micro-brew Porter comes in, or a good bottle of wine. Food for thought.

So thank you for your craft and approach. I will be maintaining saucy goodness with your wares and wish you an abundance of meaningful prosperity.

Dawn Mitchell

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for your wonderful message!!! I love hearing from people who dig the sauce. I like your idea of larger bottles and I’m considering this in the future. It's just damn logistics! : )

Stay Saucy!

PS. If you need more sauce, you can find it at Busch’s and Westborn Market in the Novi area.