Gettin' Saucy on Torch Lake!

Torch Lake is known for many things. National Geographic ranked it the third most beautiful lake in the world. It has an amazing sand bar, which attracted over 10,000 people (not good) during last year's Fourth of July weekend. Famous types have digs on the lake (Kid Rock, Eminem, Michael Moore). And of course, Dave's Burger Barge, which serves the juiciest burgers, the fattest dogs, and now, the baddest hot sauce!

If you haven't been to Torch Lake, you're missing out on one of Michigan's most beautiful places. Life's short. Go now! You can access the sand bar by boat and also by foot using a public access point about 10 houses east of the bridge. PLEASE do not trespass! And PLEASE always leave it better than you found it.

Tell Dave HELL FIRE DETROIT sent ya.

Stay saucy!