Joe Vaughn

I met Joe 20 some years ago when a client at WDET 101.9 FM thought we'd make a good creative team. She was right!

It was the early nineties, and both of us had just hit the streets as independent creatives in Detroit. I was an art director/designer/illustrator and Joe was a photographer. Technology was changing the creative business and we were determined to take advantage of it. Just to give you an idea, there were no cell phones, Joe was shooting on film, and I just mortgaged a Quadra 9500...Apple's dark days. We received strange CDs in the mail from Netscape claiming to give us access to a strangely sparse internet. Sometimes it worked! I remember the day I downloaded my first Quark attachment in an email. Whoah! I thought this was going to change everything. It did. Our businesses rocked! For the next several years, Joe and I rented studio space together and partnered on as many projects as we could.

Joe has traveled the world shooting for many high-profile clients. While he adds magic to any subject, he is best known for his people and food shots. If you've opened an HOUR Detroit Magazine, you've seen his work. So it was only natural for me to reach out to Joe, twist his arm, and ask him to create some tasty images for HELL FIRE DETROIT.

Joe is one of the most talented artists I know! He brings enthusiasm and passion to every project he touches. I feel so lucky that creative forces brought us together. And I'm extremely thankful he added some magic to HFD.

Please check out his website.

Hell Yeah!