Long Lake Market is Talkin' Sauce!

Alice told us she expected a meeting about hot sauce to last only a few minutes. Her customers aren't into the hot stuff (food). After a fun conversation and some serious taste-testing, Alice and Chef Jack decided to go with Poblano and Cherry Bomb...the milder of the bunch. We twisted their arms and suggested they offer the Hot Box #1 too. Within a couple days the Hot Boxes were sold and the reorders started coming in. 

"​Long Lake Market has been family owned and operated since 1960. We pride ourselves on our custom cut prime beef and seafood, handpicked fresh produce, and chef created gourmet prepared foods. We also carry groceries ranging from the daily necessities to specialty groceries including Michigan Made, Organic and Gluten Free products. Our friendly employees provide the best customer service including complementary carryout of groceries. We strive to make your life easier and more delicious."

Long Lake Market is a gem. Please support your local merchants!

Long Lake Market
1075 W. Long Lake Rd.
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

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