People’s Food Co-op is much more than a grocery store!

In 1971, the idea for a co-op began as a graduate student project under Professor Al Conner at the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work. Two students started a “buying club” as a way for low-income people to get fresh, healthy food. They brought food from the Eastern Market in Detroit and divided it into bags costing $5 a week. The project grew quickly as faculty and students joined the group.

Today, People’s Food Co-op is member-owned and carries a full-range of groceries, produce & environmentally sensitive cleaning products. They buy from local businesses when at all possible and emphasize organic whenever feasible. Foods that contain artificial preservatives or color will not appear on their shelves and they support the “Just Label It” campaign for more transparency in our food system. So whether you are shopping for the week or popping in for lunch, PFC has the good stuff you need!

HELL FIRE DETROIT is honored to be a part of the goodness at People's Food Co-op!

Please support your local merchants first!

216 N. Fourth Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48104   Map

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Photo: People's Food Co-op