Cloverleaf Fine Wine and Craft Beer Offers Hell Fire Detroit!

For more than 40 years, Cloverleaf has been the best source in Metro Detroit for fine wines and artisanal beers. Most wines they carry cannot be found anywhere else in town. Because they collaborate with niche winemakers who have no advertising budgets or massive trucking systems, they can offer a much better wine for the same value as mass producers.

Cloverleaf stocks craft beers from around the world, but the crux of their collection lies in small-batch, handcrafted beers from Michigan breweries.

The experts at Cloverleaf taste EVERY wine and beer before it goes on their shelves. (Not a bad job!) They can recommend all of them with knowledge and enthusiasm. They also tasted HELL FIRE DETROIT. Their expert response, “What an absolute treat!”

Please make a visit to Cloverleaf and pick up some artisanal wine, beer and hot sauce!

711 South Main St., Royal Oak, MI 48067   Map

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Hell Yeah!