Gearbox Rx becomes HFD’s second retail location!

This is so cool. Along the way, I was hoping to get HFD into unpredictable places like cigar shops, wine shops, barber shops, skate shops, tattoo shops, ski shops, etc. Because HOT SAUCE IS GOOD WITH EVERYTHING!

But I never considered a CrossFit outfitter. Probably because I could be fitter. But HFD is a good fit. As owner Allen Parent states, “It’s Paleo friendly and a great addition to a clean-eating lifestyle.” Wow! Now you can feel better knowing HFD will improve your lifestyle. : )

GearBox Rx is the midwest’s premier shoe, clothing, accessory and nutrition retailer for functional fitness athletes who participate in CrossFit, obstacle racing (mudders), triathlons, trail running, mountain biking and other fitness sports.

It is independently owned by two everyday fitness enthusiasts who CrossFit and compete in multi-sport activities. “We’re not professional athletes or fitness boutique wannabes. We’re just guys who love fitness, the gear, and lifestyle that goes with it. We carry unique brands who stand behind their products. If we don’t wear it, use it, or consume it, we don’t carry it.”

Thank you Gearbox Rx for supporting HELL FIRE DETROIT!

Please, always support your local merchants first.

Get over to Gearbox Rx, pick up some HFD (and other stuff), and stay on path to healthy living!

416 S. Main Rochester, MI 48307  Map

Check out their website.

Hell Yeah!